Production Process

Operating locally from Jaipur and we provide very competitive prices for unique and innovative products, with the best level of quality.

Our carpenters are experienced and have been trained by us over the past years to manufacture according to international quality standards, most of our team is from traditional carpentry families and their local expertise has been adapted and supplemented with the knowledge of professionals from overseas who trained them intensively during the initial years of our company’s existence.

We put a lot of emphasis on a neat and organised working environment and in the belief that manufacturing excellent quality requires a clean working place, we maintain our premises as tidy and structured. We have a zero tolerance policy against wood scraps and dust in the factory, and have installations to guarantee that certain areas such as the polish room remain dust free.

Further, We handle a very strict system of work regulations that ensures the level of quality expected from our labour is being met unconditionally and audit the manufacturing process constantly with regular quality controls and random inspections of both raw material and produced items. For example, we control the moisture level of the wood as well as of the raw pieces repeatedly throughout the production and do quality checks at several stages of the manufacturing process.

Prior to packing, all the pieces are being checked again individually and thoroughly: for carpentry, polish, colour matching and strength.